About Us

Austhai Marine is one of Thailands leading fibreglass boat builders. The comapny is based in Pattaya on the eastern seaboard of Thailand and has its own modern manufacturing facility.The focus is on series production of a range of catamarans for both recreational and commercial use, but Austhai will also build to a customer’s design. Austhai’s production models may be found on its websites, http://www.austhaimarine.com or http:www.thailandboatbuilders.com. The company’s production models are all designed by leading naval architect Albert Nazarov of Albatross Marine Design. http://www.amdesign.co.th. Whilst the company has a strong market domestically in Thailand most of its production is for export and it currently exports to ten countries. Austhai will also build custom boats to a customers own designs. It has access to a large range of designs from Albatross Marine Design. The company’s products range includes catamarans from 6 metres to 16 metres and includes both commercial and recreational boats. The commercial range includes workboats, ferries, dive boats, rescue craft and patrol boats. If you are looking for a quality product at a highly competitive price then you should consider Austhai.


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