Current build, 8 meter high speed prototype under construction


New launchings- our first monohull

Photo 5

We recently launched two of a new model monohull in time for the Pattaya Boat Show held at Ocean Marina, Pattaya. These boats were designed by Dr Albert Nazarov of Albatross marine design for use in the water borne tourism industry. Whilst following the traditional Thai style of appearance the boats contain many safety features not found in traditional Thai monohulls and provide tourists a safe and comfortable ride.



Ocean Marina Boat Show, Pattaya, Thailand

Austhai Marine recently took the opportunity to launch its new 15 metre catamaran ferry at the Ocean marina Boat Show in Pattaya Thailand. With the co-operation of the organisers Austhai was able to add to the boat show experience for attendees by providing twice daily trips on the ferry to nearby Monkey Island. This proved very popular with boat show attendees with most trips being filled to capacity. It was a great opportunity for Austhai to showcase its boat which was extremely well received. Check out the photos of the boat show.